Los Altos Vault & safe Deposit Co.

A safe deposit box in a bank or other financial institution is not the safest, most secure — nor most confidential — place to store your most precious and irreplaceable valuables and records. Theft is not uncommon, and millions are seized annually from safe deposit boxes by the IRS and California State Franchise Tax Board.

Our facility is built like Fort Knox, presenting almost impossible obstacles to a thief. Our procedures have been carefully constructed to provide maximum personal safety for our customers and protection from any unauthorized access — and authorization can come only from you, or a court order. This is because ours is a private facility where the uncompromising security and safety of your valuables is matched by complete and total confidentiality (to the point that we do not need nor require Social Security Numbers). Our proven, traditional methods do not require computers, making us hacker-proof.


At Los Altos Vault & Safe Deposit Company, our one-of-a kind facility was designed and built to be the finest, strongest, and most secure of its kind in the world. And it is. We invite you to visit us and see for yourself. For your peace of mind, you really should let us protect your valuable assets.


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